Ho Chi Minh museum is an interesting and historic place in Hanoi that you shouldn’t miss if you have chance to visit Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh Museum

Ho Chi Minh Museum

Ho Chi Minh president or Uncle Ho is Vietnamese venerable father. He is the person who led Vietnamese people to achieve national independence.

The Ho Chi Minh museum was opened on May 19th 1990, in the 100th birthday anniversary of Uncle Ho who is the hero of national liberation, the preeminent culture of Vietnam. It expresses Ho Chi Minh’s life and revolutionary career. It is the hamonized combination of architecture, art and technique.

Inside Ho Chi Minh Museum

Exhibits in Ho Chi Minh Museum

The showing space is nearly 4000 square meters of area with 2000 data, exhibits, and images that reflect his life and career. The museum has exhibition ground, library,store, and a hall for studying, visiting and culture activating. The museum has welcomed millions of local and foreign visitors since the day it was opened.

The statue of Ho Chi Minh president was put on the exhibition ground where a lot of formal rituals are taken place. More than 2000 data, documentations,exhibits, and works of art are shown to introduce Ho Chi Minh life to visitors and directing process to achieve the liberty for Vietnam as well.

Ho Chi Minh Statue - Ho Chi Minh Museum

Ho Chi Minh Statue – Ho Chi Minh Museum

The left of the biography is the theme about some world history points from the end of 20thcentury up to now, they are also the factors which are influences on Vietnamese war.

The right of the biography is the combination of images which describe Vietnam in the period of fighting and achieve the independence of Vietnamese people with the leading of Ho Chi Minh president.

When visiting Ho Chi Minh museum, you will have chances to study more about Vietnamese history and Ho Chi Minh’s life.